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No more wardrobe malfunctions

We have been planning our 6-week holiday to the States for 2 years and you would have thought I may have considered my travel wardrobe. Ideally it would be great if it consisted of bikini tops and cut off denims but they just wont cut it anymore (actually they never have).

There is a challenge in packing for a summer holiday in winter when all you see is new season winter clothes and the remains of autumn clothing in the shops. I’m trying to stick with staples but its times like this that I realize just how many busy prints I have in my wardrobe. The colours I have in my wardrobe are over the top. Even though they are all lovely pieces they are difficult to wear more than once in a short time.

Can you see my issue with colour  !!

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I need more of these neutrals !

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I might have to consider a constructive shopping trip to get my travel wardrobe right.

I have checked out Pinetrest and there are so many images that make this look easy ! One even identified that with 9 pieces I can get 40 outfits !!

However I really like the ideas that Travel Fashion Girl writes about here. There are heaps of options that take into consideration various countries and climates.

I am looking to pack light, but with style and versatility. With luggage fees and restrictions, I plan on taking a carry on and a shared 25kg suitcase. This can feel extremely limiting so extreme mixing and matching will hopefully give me 6 weeks of simple, elegant runway looks !

Any suggestions ???








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