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I always assumed I was a savvy ruthless packer for us both with detailed lists and the best mix and match clothing options available. However, we always came home with clothes that never made it onto our backs and that stray sock at the bottom of the suitcase ! Numerous frequent travellers swear by packing cubes to solve the worlds problems including that of suitcase madness.

I was dubious and thought they were a gimmick and I actually like the madness of clothes that greets me every time I open my suitcase !

Packing cubes are a small and lightweight bag of varying sizes with a see through mesh screen with the intention of giving you a more organized suitcase.

I was never a fan and thought only those over the top travelers with too much time on their hands used them. How wrong was I when I realized my airline hostess and super cool girlfriend uses them. From her perspective it keeps her organized with dedicated bags for various clothing shoes and toiletries. It saves her pulling her whole case apart, as one cube is dedicated uniform items and one cube for layover clothing.

I still was not sold ! In planning our Amazing American Adventure my girlfriend insisted we try packing cubes so I decided to test run on our 6 weeks trip.

The verdict:

I am a convert !

Using the packing cubes it ensures that everything has its proper place and you are able to see which cube carries which items, so you won’t need to dissect your luggage – its like drawers for your suitcase ! If you like to know exactly where every last item is, packing cubes will turn your packing into a structured, neat, compartmentalized suitcase plus assist with keeping everything protected and in place unlike the familiar suitcase explosion!

Benefits :Flexible, compact durable easy to use and the cube-like shape makes them better suited to framed luggage.

We pack for trips together and use the same luggage, so these really help to keep our things separate and organized. They enable us to pack more items in less space also.

Colour coded (green for me blue for him)

Keep electronic leads chargers adapters in one place

No need to unpack when you arrive simply place in drawers at hotel and keeps clothes neat and mostly wrinkle free

A neat freaks dream !

Drawbacks:For those that are super restrictive on weight the 10.5L weighs approx 113gms (using 4 of these will come in at approx 450gm)and the zipping and unzipping can become frustrating.


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Let me know if you are a convert too

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