So you want to work with big girl ?  One of my mottos has always been don’t ask for my advice or opinion if you don’t want to hear the truth. So here lay the foundations of my disclaimer to all blogs and all my posts to cover my a** and to be as transparent to you as possible.

I may get discounts and a free day or two in a hotel or a day tour but my big girly voice I will give you my opinion.

Sometimes I’ll include paid articles on this site or include a competition. There is a high chance that I was likely paid to write that but in a big girly loud voice I will let you know that. If I was lucky to have a scrummy lunch purchased for me I will let you know about it and also if it wasn’t so scrummy.

If I get gifted some cool funky clothes and I wear them in a photo, same deal. Same deal with face products, perfumes, hair products, food, jewellery…………

All opinions on this website are mine and not influenced by anyone else. The products (mostly) reviewed are complimentary and will be identified with gifted or sponsored next to them.

Over and out in a big girls voice



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Here’s the blurb about my big life and I’m so glad that you are here.

My traveling life started 25 years ago leaving my hometown of Broken Hill (not knowing how to use a washing machine) to take the right of passage (now referred to as a gap year) to live work and travel through Europe.

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