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So I’ve caught the bug (yes, I am a bit behind) and now going nuts over coconut water.

My first introduction to coconut water I was eager to look like a supermodel whilst consuming this tonic and was hoping to feel the benefits of one coconut for years to come. This was not the case as my first coconut juice tasted and smelt like wet socks! I mean if this is what it took to look like a goddess I just wasn’t cut out for coconut water or goddess status.

On a recent trip to Koh Chang I decided to indulge again and to my surprise and taste buds pleasure it was beautiful. Having discussed this variation with several locals the basics of freshness comes down to being freshly picked that day so therefore no wet sock taste.

Here in Vientiane I prefer to visit my local street vendor and watch him work his magic with a machete. I’ve since learnt that the coconuts have to be young and preferably green on the outside.

There is so much liquid that I keep it in the fridge to drink during the day.

coconut2 coconut1


Coconut water is a liquid filled with electrolytes (I believe it was my saving grace in healing a 24 hour tummy bug that lasted 72 hours). It is a sweet nutty taste. Not to be confused with coconut cream or milk that comes from the coconut flesh.

The health benefits are many but what it all boils down to is that is super hydrating (once referred to as natures Gatorade – shudder!!) and also very high in potassium (equivalent to 4 bananas) which helps with cramping!

Coconut water has been elevated to super food status (not sure if this is due to celebrity endorsements) but we have been consuming it and many other so called super foods for years. I’m so glad I’m behind in the super food trend and that kale and quinoa have not even reached my palate!

Have you tried coconut water ? Are you a fan ?


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