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Ive finally caught on……


I’ve just started enjoying green tea and now there is a move to green smoothies. Just the unique colour  makes them look like they are loaded with health benefits. I thought I was moving forward with the coconut craze and the wellness it was providing me but the green smoothie epidemic is here so I best check this out. They seem to be everywhere! There has been a surge of juice/smoothie bars, recipe books (thanks Gwyneth) and now cleansing options that can be delivered to your door. I can recommend the different levels of detoxing/cleansing from Sol Cleanse if you live on the east coast of Australia.


Custom making your own green juice becomes easy, cheap, portable and fill you up and I think I’m being healthy. I prefer to make them myself but so many cafés have a menu of blends. One of my favorite cafes here in Laos has six blends to choose from and all without sugar. Typically juices here in Asia have added sugar and majority of the time you have to ask for no sugar.


I have experimented with many options and love that I’m getting my veggie dose plus antioxidants and vitamins via a drinkable means. I’ve become creative at home and discovered my next blend – kale, young coconut water, apple and a dash of ginger. I also add two teaspoons of WelleCo Super Elixir alkalizing greens to most of my smoothies for the added antioxidant value. I simply throw it all in a blender – easy !


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Here five of my favorites

  • Cucumber, celery, coconut water, baby spinach, raspberries, hemp seeds
  • Banana, mango, pear, baby spinach, coconut water, coconut oil
  • Baby spinach, coconut milk, coconut flakes, pineapple, chia seeds
  • Apple, kale, avocado, coconut water, lemon
  • Almond nut butter, spinach, vanilla almond milk, banana, pineapple


In regards to measurements I simply work on 2 Cups of greens 1 Cup of liquid and 2 cups of fruit. Then I add a tablespoon of enhancers such as chia seeds, hemp seeds, almond butter or coconut oil.

green juice post image template horizontal 800 × 600


What’s your favorite green juice blend?

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