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We have all seen those effortless travellers gliding through airport security with the ease of a gazelle and formalised precision. Meanwhile, I’m doing a systematic checklist in my head that I have everything. To calm my mind I think that if I have a passport and a credit card I can buy whatever I have forgotten. Also, Im going through my bag checking I don’t have scissors tweezers or any liquid that is greater than 100ml in my carry on or a belt that beeps resulting in those behind me moaning with frustration. Yes we are all guilty !

Big Girls Baggage

Travel bag –  I always require a dual purpose handbag that acts as hand luggage or a getaway bag.  I am currently using a gorgeous bag that I had made in Bali.  It’s super practical and just the perfect size to keep your essentials and even a kimono. The outside pockets are perfect for easy mobile phone and key access.

Travel wallet –  gone are the days of my bum bag that would be my carry all. I use Kivari wallet. I am a bit obsessed with their soft leather products at the moment. It fits all of my cards currencies, passport and it also doubles as a cool clutch to use on a night out.

Scarf or wrap –  as the planes temperature changes frequently during flight I love to cuddle up with a scarf and I have also used it as an eye mask and also folded up into a pillow.

Carry on suitcase – I am currently using my chic design Antler Juno hard side suitcase (from my set of 3). I’ve had it for 2 years and I believe it looks great but most importantly it is super light (weighs only 2.4kg) and is easy to manoeuvre. Probably not the smartest colour to travel with though !

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Big Girls Technology

Laptop and/or tablet – both my iPad and iMac are loaded with all podcasts and several downloaded books and travel guides. Plus, a couple of my favorite movies. I am currently engrossed in House of Cards and Breaking Bad. I have just finished watching Narcos on Netflix and awaiting the next big Netflix series.

Portable Phone charger – One of these is essential! I currently use a Anker 2nd Generation Astro Mini. Portable chargers are lighter, smaller and more ruggedly built than ever before. Its the size of a keychain or lipstick tube (the trend of the moment for smaller chargers) and can fully charge my drained smartphone once or twice over.

Flash drive – I like to download photos in two places just incase I lose my laptop. Plus I keep copies of my passport and essential travel documents on here also (encrypted with a password).

Headphones – I have fallen in love with the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 noise cancelling headphones. I just love stuff that works. The folding design fits easily in their carry case and if the battery dies the music doesn’t.

Camera – currently using a Sony cyber shot RX 100 iii and carry it with me everywhere. Compact excellent for both video and photo quality. Ive had this about a month. The size may be small, but the features are great and the image quality is excellent for its size. Im currently learning how to capture a great image.

Is there anything I have not added ?

What are your essentials for travel ?

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