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Transit Hotels – the new pimped up transfer lounge !

I loved a good airport lounge and felt so at home with great magazines, a barista good food and a reasonable view plus maybe a little celebrity spotting. They were a godsend however the annual fees and infrequency of use was always a deterrent for me …… sorry Qantas and Virgin but I have moved on to the pimped up transfer lounge.

A familiar place


Often my cheap international flights come with a long layover somewhere while waiting for a connecting flight.  It’s that length of time when I question if I should exit customs and immigration and head into the city or simply lounge around in the airport. This would involve eating expensive, poor quality food and trying to get comfortable over 6 hard plastic chairs while enduring annoying stares from other passengers requiring a seat.

Impossible to get comfortable on these chairs for 6 hours.


What I’ve recently discovered are transit hotels that have made my international holiday travel bearable! Located within the airport so no need for a visa security checks or to clear customs and immigration and no need to suffer the process again on departure.

Minimum stays are charged in 5-7 hour blocks with amenities that include bed, shower toilet, wifi often food and bar facilites some include wake up call, spa, sauna and a gym and an some even have an aqua pod !

I think these places are a great to rest refresh and enjoy a quiet space and I believe it helps with preventing jet lag

Getting comfortable


Check out some of transit hotels that I have stayed at:

Kuala Lumpur Airside Transit Hotel, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

I love that this place has options of a room or simply a quiet lounge with all the comforts

Yotel, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Checking this one out in July :

Louis Tavern, Day Rooms and CIP lounges, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

Have you experienced long transfer times ?  What is you answer to being stuck in an airport ?



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